How is Doping Like a Pregnancy?

Apr 29 2009

glum looking Rebellin from Flickr user tetedelacourse, under cc-by-sa-2.0 How is doping like a pregnancy? Because—according to the IOC, anyway—you’ve gotta wait nine months to find out whose responsible.

I don’t know if they’re still sleeping in Boulder, but Velonews has yet to report that Rebellin’s positive has indeed been confirmed by IOC. Not that this means his guilty, of course, but just that “due process” against him is underway. Still, I’ve gotta commend VN for not leaping into the fray of condemnation after Gazzetta dello Sport named him as the Italian positive. Rebellin himself protests innocence, the B sample is still out, but Twitter has already handed down its verdict.

And because that just wouldn’t be enough doping news for the day, more word on Andreas Klöden’s recently revived doping story has come out. Kloden’s performances throughout his career certainly don’t meet the Cosmo test (rides away one day, can’t hold a wheel the next), but I’m more than willing to give people the benefit of the doubt. After all, that’s what we have testing procedures and arbitrative committees for, even if they do take 9 months to return a single positive.

Beyond all that, though, I’m looking forward to the Tour of Romandie. Great results all around from yesterday’s prologue—a relative unknown taking the lead, Alejandro Valverde showing maybe his lackluster performances this spring were just a case of Lance Armstrong syndrome, and Tyler Farrar showing no ill effects from his crash last month. I wonder if Mark Cavendish (+0:09, 29th place) will be feeling a little bit nervous tomorrow.

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