How The Race Was Won – Tour of Romandie 2009

May 4 2009

Video recap of the 2009 Tour of Romanide. A great win by Roman Kreuziger, making him a popular dark horse pick for a Grand Tour or two later this season. Two stage wins by Oscar Freire, a team time trial, some snow, and just a little argy-bargy.
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Vimeo and YouTube are also up—don’t forget the podcast (iTunes link).

May or may not stick to this all-stages format for the shorter stage races, but I’ll obviously have to do something different for the Grand Tours. Apologies for some obvious mispronunciations as well, it’s just really hard to go back and redo the audio once it’s already been added to the movie file.

Might also need to change how I host and deliver the videos one of these days. Even at $0.17/GB, these things add up.

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