So Maybe I Owe The UCI An Apology?

May 12 2009

Pat McQuaid by Flickr user aerocha I think it’s only fair to admit that maybe I should replace the word “UCI” with the word “testers” in that last rant I wrote. Thanks to Cyclingnews’ plainly insufficient reporting—which did no more than simply translate the term “Vlaamse Gemeenschap”—it was, and still is, unclear exactly what the “Flemmish Community” means.

Frankly, it still doesn’t make any sense—there are too many different meanings to the term, but none of them seems to be a sport drug enforcement body. At any rate, things seem to be going better for Tom—he won’t be fired—and I’ve gotta say, his use of cocaine sounds a lot like my use of alcohol.

But, if Cyclingnews’ garbled game of digital “Telephone” can be trusted, it seems that the UCI recorded an out-of-competition positive for cocaine from Tornado Tom and totally let it slide, as their rules require. So good on you, UCI, for following your own rules.

Now if only you could whip the local authorities into shape to they weren’t banning riders at their whim; remember when CONI up and cleared Basso, despite his eventual confession? Well, now they’ve gone and banned Valverde, despite the fact that he had been previously cleared.

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