Great Minds Think Alike

Jul 6 2009

From my twitter feed today. Literally within seconds of each other:


I didn’t see even a second of footage from after today’s stage got interesting, and from what I can tell, neither did anyone watching Versus. My frustration at this is countered only by my anticipation of the awesome spectacle as Astana continues to spin apart under the bulk of its own talent, like a shoddy carnival ride, unevenly loaded with fat kids.

Eurosport’s live audio commented that both Armstrong and longtime bro Yaroslav Popovych were exhorting the breakaway echelon to ride with full force in the closing kilometers. Normally, that’d be standard behavior, but the careful observer will note that other riders with GC teammates behind—like Fabian Cancellara—weren’t really working so hard.

Today’s stage is also interesting because it has left the Tour with enough fried thighs to open a KFC franchise on the eve of a grueling team time trial. Armstrong could be back in Yellow, but if my name were Alberto or Andreas, I could see not wanting to work all that hard. Conversely, Garmin-Slipstream, who’ve been known to rock a TTT, ended up losing time but saving legs back in the bunch, while their likely rivals, Columbia Highroad HTC, went solidly a bloc in today’s finale.

So much for the traditionally boring first week.

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