Ted King: American Hero

Aug 6 2009

C’mon—who gets this kind of attention just for getting lucky and leading intermediate sprints competition at a fly-by-night stage race like Burgos? The racer himself said it was all of 45 minutes work.

Is just being an American seriously all it takes to get the glamor shot on Velonews?

Thing is, people, Ted King isn’t just any American. He was there from the beginning:

And it’s a little-known fact he was Roosevelt’s mole behind the Iron Curtain when the Big Three met at Yalta:

In the Star Wars Ultimate Revised Director’s Cut Edition Redux (due out 2017), we’ll all learn who the real hero at the Battle of Yavin was:

Though it’s anyone’s guess as to who will replace Obi-Wan in the final Blu-Ray release:

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