Garmin Finally Making Good

Sep 11 2009

ryder_winIt’s not every day I use an “all rights reserved” image on a blog post, but then again, it’s not every day that Garmin-Slipstream takes two consecutive Grand Tour stages (and besides, Slipstream’s Flickr page includes a “blog this” link, so I feel I’m on steadier ground. I think BY-NC-ND would be a better license—at any rate, they know how to contact me if they’ve got a problem.)

Yes, after an incomprehensible string of futility, the team that everyone seems to root for is knocking back wins like they were Quick.Step in April. Velonews’ Andrew Hood correctly tipped the Canadian for success, Tom Danielson was quick to respond, and lost no time to the other contenders when Robert Gesink made the major GC move of the day, and Dave Z isn’t exactly stinking it up at the Tour of Missouri.

Of course, with the next two Vuelta stages chock-full-o-mountains, and the top 6 riders separated by just over a minute, and with the Internet prognosticating over which of the squad’s British talent will be syphoned off to Team Sky next year, disaster could strike (knocking vigorously on wood) at any moment.

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