Philippe Gilbert's Superhero Saddle

Sep 3 2009

I can’t recall whether we came to a consensus over whether Vino’ was the Hulk or The Thing. Frankly, he’s been laying low so far this Vuelta, so I’d like to focus more on another, definitely not half-hearted race animator: Philippe Gilbert.

(Gilbert source) (Goblin source)

I think this one is a no-brainer. Both Gilbert and the Green Goblin show a frenzied disdain for the pre-orchestrated decorum of the peloton/society, and both have their faces frozen into the same maniacal expression for a near-entirety of their screen time.

This is especially good fortune for saddle manufacturers, since Gilbert—at least as recently as last year—seems to favor a cut-out saddle design, which, coincidently, integrates perfectly with his comic book alter-ego:

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