The US Team And A Wiggins Drama Timeline

Sep 25 2009

wigginspushNow we have confrimation that it’s not just me being a wise-ass: Cyclingnews’ Peter Hymas made an extensive investigation into the United States’ lackluster Men’s Elite Road Race performances. While his explanations (long seasons, pressure to be fit for California, opportunities for young/domestic riders) and mine (low intestinal fortitude, Interbike, lack of focus) differ, I think it’s safe to say we both agree that the US needs more top tier pros “willing to respect the race and start for [their] country” like Tyler Farrar.

You can help in motivating this effort by attempting to pick the place of the best US finisher. You might even win a t-shirt! Here’s an excellent course preview for those of you who still can’t make up your minds.

Elsewhere—no, actually, beginning on those very same Mendrisio roads—Brad Wiggins has been stirring up all sorts of trouble. We all sympathized with the Briton’s unfortunate technological misfortune, but were also a little startled when he referred to the silver medallist not by his proper name, but as simply “numb nuts” in a post-race interview.

The fun continued when Wiggins later made an analogy that appeared to cast his current Garmin-Slipstream team as a plucky but outclassed Premier League squad, while he needed Manchester United-level support to win the Tour de France.

Wiggins then called the story “Bollocks“—British slang for “testicles”, but meaning “nonsense”, last time I checked—apparently forgetting that he had said this in front of a camera, in a jacket zipped up to not-so-subtly display the UK team’s sponsor Sky, with whom it’s rumored Wiggins has already signed for next season.

There was then backtracking and a claim that it was “out of context” (despite the nearly seven minutes of interview surrounding the quote). It will be exciting indeed to see how this whole rigmarole plays out—though I, and I think some other commentators, would like to exploit the drama for lulz just a little bit longer.

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