Fashion Police: The Sleeveless Jersey

Oct 22 2009

A sleeveless jersey made an appearance in @CadelOfficial’s twitpic on the ’09 Vuelta rest day:

There’s so much that caught me off-balance in this photo. Guess I should start off by saying that this is the most team support I’ve seen Evans get at Grand Tour since he started riding for Lotto.

Secondly, it’s not even that sunny out—I can see a preening Euro pro wanting to even out the tan lines but given the flat light, I’d have to say this choice is purely for style, not function.

Third, why on earth does Lotto even have a sleeveless jersey in their kit? Does the squad have some secret triathlon team I’m not aware of? Does the Belgian cycling federation allow sleeveless jerseys at a level at which Lotto could potentially be racing?

The only explanation is that the sleeveless look is so hot in Europe that Lotto’s kitmaker can turn a profit selling these things to freds on the Continent. Even then, I’m still amazed that this rider would a) request them from the sponsor, and b) bring at least one along on a Grand Tour specifically for the rest days.

For the sake of cycling, I’m hoping it’s a vest he put on by mistake.

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