December Kit Report

Dec 8 2009

rs_kitDude, are you serious?

Pop artists and savvy, successful designers from Shepard Fairey to Marc Newson to pretty much everyone short of friggin’ Banksy have styled custom bikes for you and this—this—is the kit you get to ride in every day? I cannot imagine a more artless and uninspired piece of lycra.

It’s like someone took an overworked, underpaid corporate designer and told them to re-imagine a cubicle as a bicycle kit, employing three necessary elements:

  1. RadioShack Logo (w/ company name in Frutiger Black)
  2. Livestrong Armband
  3. RadioShack approved red (#C70E0E)

If Inintech had a cycling team, this would be their kit. Seriously, it ought to come with its own TPS report.

To be fair, Armstrong himself has commented that it still needs “some tweaking“, but plenty of other teams have brought strong entries to market. Cervelo’s new kit—along with some shiny new SRAM shifters—seems to be a done deal for next season, with the potential for another summer changeover to white.

Omega-Pharma’s new duds (via @Gematkinson) look a bit Christmasy, but the design should hold up throughout the season—though a glut of white-ish kits among the lower-tier squads (recently snared doper Eliado Jimenez shows off a good example) may make the Belgian squad tough to pick out until the final kilometers.

As for me, I continue to favor the classic, ugly/hip lines of Skil-Shimano’s distinctive kit. If the squad has kept pace with the rest of the peloton, and @KennyVanHummel is a reliable photo source, they’ll be sticking with the design for 2010.

Then again, as Cipo’ reminded us time and time again, there’s no telling what the riders will wear until they roll off the line.

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