A Dash of Cyclocross News

Jan 29 2010

Kentucky! I know—it sounds like an April Fool’s story but three months too early and infinitely less believable. But it’s true—and likely a whole lot more pleasant for the racers than the Czech Republic is right now.

Or maybe not. Despite apparent Euro sentiment that the course is too challenging to even pre-ride, Jon Page is ten (10) exclamation points worth of excited about it—and in a character-limited Twitter post no less. Might also be worth noting that Jon Page finished well in the World Cup finale, although the thought of an American potentially winning the world Elite CX would almost certainly push the UCI toward plowing and sanding the course—despite their own ban on artificial sand.

Moving away from thoughts of Baseball-bat trophies and bourbon tents, but sticking with Cyclocross, Riccardo Ricco’s life partner Vania Rossi has tested positive for CERA. Fortunately, science has now proven that drug positives can be caused by kissing so lord only knows what could happen when two people are making babies. Obviously Ricco is the source of the drugs because look—here’s Rossi holding up a shirt that says “Fair Play”.*

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