A Matter of Seconds

Jan 12 2010

Second day of the week, second week of the year. Today, we are all about seconds.

A second ProTour sponsor has announced it’s leaving the sport before year’s end. Bjarne Riis isn’t giving it too much of a second thought, and Joe Lindsey seconds his lack of concern.

Team Radio Shack: bumped up to world’s second ugliest kit. Joe Parkin takes a second look at the 2010 kits thus far and helps explain how such things might happen.

Competitive Cyclist suggests second-guessing designers is, in general, a poor idea. I’d like to take a second to ask his web designer if he holds to that.

Jose Rujano: by his count, is he now the world’s second best climber?

Is the second comeback year the charm? ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap dedicated a few seconds to analyzing the premise last July.

Cyclocross and beer have had a second lovers’ spat (first was a few years ago, when courses stopped running through the beer tents). Sven Nys defends the charm of beer-addled spectators—though an injured Albert would bump Nys to second on last year’s Worlds podium.

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