Winter Training: Calculate Your Jens Factor

Jan 4 2010

No one disputes the importance of base training, and the truly serious make careful note of time, distance, and wattage in their pre-season rides. But when it comes to outdoor training—at least at my latitude—that doesn’t really capture the whole story.

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Jens Factor, as defined by this chart, is just that—an integer value you can factor into your training data to properly reflect the increased benefits of staring down winter weather. Jens Voigt, a veteran roleur known to take particular glee in miserable conditions, is its obvious namesake.

It’s worth noting that Jens Factor makes no provision for precipitation, because the various types present such wide-ranging levels of difficulty depending on other conditions. It’s also worth noting that the Creative Commons license under which I released this image contains provisions for free re-use…

Oh, also—you can now buy the design on a wall poster or some t-shirts.

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