From The Archives: Moreau '07

Jan 8 2010

I realize that 2007 was indeed a very open Tour, but I think Cyclingnews may have been enjoying a joke at our expense when they wrote up this preview:

In fairness, Moreau had indeed been putting down some of his best post-Festina riding in 2007, winning the Dauphine and even hanging with the leaders as they made some uncharacteristically soft attacks in the early TdF climbs.

But Moreau has a long history of needing excuses. When the GC race got tight, the Frenchmen found himself caught out by a field-splitting move from a Vino’-led Astana squad, and it was all downhill from there.

Moreau can probably glean some redemption form the fact that two convicted dopers contributed greatly to his implosion, but finally finishing in 37th, over 90 minutes down, it’s hard to cast the Frenchman as a hard-luck story of “what if…”

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