The Rookie

Feb 4 2010

The American cycling fan has but one dream. It can be roughly summed up by the plot of the 2002 film The Rookie—reaching the pro ranks in middle age by finally getting a chance to develop your long-neglected (or in most cases, completely hidden) talent.

And in case you’ve been stuck at the back of the team van for the past two months, it actually happened this year, to Bicycling Magazine’s Joao Correia.

I think it’s pretty cool—despite my suspicion that it couldn’t have happened without the industry connection, and despite the fact that it makes an obscenely good story for a former member of the media—but man, does he have to be such a friggin’ n00b about it?

While I like hearing from the Cervelo TestTeam masseur, the breathy, awkwardly-filmed video is disturbingly reminiscent of a certain genre, and the filmmaker commentary (“Johan Museeuw, King of the Classics, the Lion—*rar*”) definitely doesn’t help.

He may be a pro (and keeping up just fine, I might add) but he is not yet Pro. Still, I hope he keeps the updates coming, even if there’s going to be an occasional awkward video (or grammatical error).

Disappointingly, it’s highly unlikely Correia will do any tweeting about initiations. Not because they don’t happen—check out the Footon-Servetto hazing, which is not entirely unlike what Bernhard Kohl described at T-Mobile—but because Cervelo TestTeam apparently has an official policy about tweeting.

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