Pre-Race Jitters

Jun 30 2010

Bill StricklandOh, Bill Strickland—you sir, are a troublemaker. Tweeting about RadioShack TdF exclusion rumors three days before the start of the race and giving everyone Puerto flashbacks.

While I was very glad to see your attention-grabbing release of the eff-bomb quote from the epilogue of your book—it does take the tired pre-Tour mantra of choice up a notch—I can’t say I support Twitter-mongering like that. Good luck getting that genie back in the bottle.

If the rumors aren’t true, and no one breaks a collarbone during warm-up, then this start list should be final, though everyone seems to expect Stage 4’s cobbles—which were mighty popular today—will trim things down a bit. Mighty bold of Basso to charge those stones in little more than a cap after his dismal performance on this year’s off-road Giro stage.

Honestly, though, I’m just ready to get the actual racing underway. I’m sick of the sad-music-for-Lance, evil-music-for-Contador recaps of last year, the LA vs. AC previews, and “38 BFD” storylines. For the vast majority of the viewing public, this is as deep as things will get—and frankly, I’m ok with that. What I’m not OK is having my only access to and analysis of the racing lobotomized in such a fashion.

Here’s to a first week fueled by hotly-contested sprints, aggressive riding, a nervous pack, underhanded alliances, and anything else that elbows Lance vs. Contador off the of headlines—at least until Morzine.

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