Ball's in Your Court, McQuaid

Jan 31 2011

NY Velocity has published a tremendous, unedited, transcript of Paul Kimmage’s interview with Floyd Landis. There’s a ton of information in there—stuff from Floyd accusing Oscar Pereiro of calling the kettle black to more details on that whole “blood down the drain” story—but what really struck me was this exchange:

Kimmage: How many of the decisions you made after that were coloured by this experience you’ve had with the UCI and their relationship with Lance? How big a factor was that in the decision you made to dope?

Landis: That’s all of it.

The real takeaway here should be that when the UCI arbitrarily decides to break one of its own rules—even one unrelated to doping—it invites riders to break the others. Pat McQuaid can talk about personal responsibility until the the cows come home, but the distance between not tapping into a bank guarantee and a rider re-injecting a liter of blood is a bit thinner than the sport’s governing body seems to realize.

McQuaid might do well to have a sitdown with Kimmage sometime in the near future. Perhaps the UCI President can be goaded into such an interview by the knowledge that, Lance Armstrong took the precisely opposite approach.

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