Cyclocosm 3.0

Nov 7 2011

Mapei Team Kits

We look perfectly normal. Now stop taking photos. / photo by crosby_cj, cc-nc-nd

Notice anything a little bit…different? I figured, since this site is one of relatively few notable accomplishments in an increasingly long and increasingly undistinguished career, it might be in my best interests to update the theme a bit.

I liked 2007 as much as the next guy, but there have been some fantastic developments in CSS3 compliance since I ported the site over from Blogger, and it might be nice to showcase that I can do something other than…whatever it is I get paid to do all day.

While some of the old content might look a little mangled, the theme update also addresses some minor back-end issues that have been irking me for years, and lets me do things like caption pictures.

Expect a few more changes over the next week or so as I install some new plugins and tweak some things I couldn’t properly replicate while localhosting, but it should look mostly like I want it to in Chrome/Safari/Firefox, and be at least functional in IE.

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