Liege-Bastogne-Liege 2012 – How The Race Was Won

Apr 23 2012

A little later than I like to be on these sorts of things, but what can I say–with a new corporate sponsor on board, there’s bound to be a little meddling in editorial. Also, some of you might also have noticed that I was moving around a little bit during the event itself.

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And with that, the spring is officially over. Trends that struck me across my many bleary-eyed hours of watching, re-watching, writing and editing were (aside from the obvious) the emergence of Europecar as race-makers and champions, and the sound and fury that BMC put into controlling large sections of Amstel and Liege to come away grasping and feathers in the finale.

Will HTRWW continue into the Grand Tours? I can only speculate. Physically, I’m really beginning to wonder whether I’m up to the task, and it certainly isn’t helping me out career-wise. Then again, if I had a different sort of career…

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