How The Race Was Won – Paris-Nice 2013

Mar 11 2013

Chris Horner thinks it’s the lesser of the two spring stage races this season, but I’m not going to let that deter me (mostly because of P-N’s convenient weekend finishing date). There were at least two interesting sprints, some intersting tactical riding in muck weather, and the usual mayhem that makes bike racing fun.

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(There’s a page that has *all* the How The Race Was Won videos — have you told your friends, family, and coworkers about it yet?)

I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear before, but creating HTRWWs for stage races is no fun. There’s too much to cover, and I have to talk too fast, and there is a lot of progress-bar-slogging on the production side. You could, I suppose, attempt it every day, but that’s the sort of thing that would qualify as a full-time job.

But fear not—the relative frustration of producing this has gotten me in the proper mood for some good-old-fashioned ranting. Stay tuned.

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