WorldTour Transfers Chart 2015-2016

Oct 19 2015

I broke my toe (slightly) last week, enough to take riding and running off the schedule for a bit. I still have to go to my day job, so don’t expect the return of HTRWW anytime soon, but I did have a enough time to play around with some data viz packages.

Want a bigger view? Of course you do.


This is just a quick-and-dirty implementation of d3 using the sankey chart plugin to show transfers for WorldTour teams between the 2015 and 2016 seasons. A data visualization is only as good as its data set, and I pulled my info from ProCyclingStats' transfers page.

Additionally, I assembled the JSON that powers the chart with some ad hoc scripts and regex, so there's probably a transcription error or two. Finally, I'm assuming Dimension Data eventually joins the WorldTour, and I've counted stagiares and riders who may have retired earlier in the season as making their debut/departure in 2016. Each line represents a single rider, holding the cursor over a line will reveal the name of the rider.

There's probably something wrong here, but the chart is also easy enough to update. The UCI should, in theory, have an accurate and definitive record of all team changes over the past few seasons, but guessing Brian Cookson's got a bit too much on his plate to start setting up an API.

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