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20 Dec 2009 - 8 Jan 2011
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Instrumental loop from "Obsession"


Mercury Records

Opening Cyclocross Footage

Gran Prix of Gloucester - A Cyclocross Film

Benjamin Eckstein

Real CX Training DVD Images

Named by Source

Garbage, Drum Roll

(lost source - email cosmo at if you find them)


NEC Class Edit

Brad Jurga

Barrier Collision

Sterling Cyclocross 

YouTube user jasongiguere

Off-Camber Slide-Out

Best of Seat Cam: Edit 2

Colin Reuter

2009 Elite Men's CX Worlds Podium

Bart Hazen/

Old-Timey CX Tips

Velonews Cyclocross Tips (link down - cosmo at if you find a new one)

Horner Pointing at Camera

Horner Move List Images:

Flickr user groovylab:

Chris Horner

Chris Horner hits the stairs

Flickr user triitalian:



Chris Horner mounting

Flickr user veen:

Chris Horner

Flickr user linebrake

ccx natz dec 2005_0072


Flickr user konstantin sergeyev

close-up of horner's flight

Zipp Wheels

Promotional Image,

Campy Levers

Money in Trash

(lost source - email cosmo at if you find them)

Vervecken Kick

Cor Vos,

Johnson/Page Crash

Still-frame capture/Video by