Reporters are Lazy – News

Jun 25 2005

Have you ever noticed this? The closer we get to the tour, the less news we hear about it? I mean, sure, like the day before you get a freaking deluge of Tech news, inside information course previews, etc., but right now, it’s just a huge empty news vacuum. The only thing I can find that’s even remotely interesting is that Sandy Casar crashed “over a wall” in the recent French TT Championships. “Over a wall.” Good to hear he didn’t half ass it by just bumping into the wall and falling down.

One of only a handful of Frenchman with any shot at taking a Tour stage, Casar was later revealed to be fine, and can be placed among the favorites in the upcoming French RR Champs. The eventual winner of the TT, Sylvain Chavanal, smoked his countrymen, putting the chrono tricolor on his shoulders for the next 365 days, and a minute-eighteen on the second place finisher. Even though all the competitors were French, that’s still a good gap.

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