Customer Service

Aug 26 2005

So I’ve been running through the info at SiteMeter and more and more hits on this page are coming from search engines. That’s good, because it means a)I can put “Search Engine Optimization Skills” on my resume and b)random folks looking for a cycling blog could concievably find Cyclocosm.

However, lots of the search strings that land people here aren’t specifically satiated by the information on this page. In an effort to increase return viewership, I will now attempt to address some of the recent searches I have recieved:

“orbea orca bike reviews” (google)
The Orca is a sweet bike. Feathery ride, super-stiff, especially around the bottom bracket. Slice-and-dice handling without the “chuck-you-over-the-bars” sensation of similarly quick bikes. I’ve logged about 40 miles (30 of them racing) on one, and dang, it’s nice. I haven’t reviewed it because I cannot afford it.

“highest hematocrit riis pantani” (google)
If it’s a comparison, I gotta go with Riis on that one. I’ve heard now from several different sources that the famously bald Dane was known as “Mr. 60%” back before the UCI instated it’s hematocrit limits. Anyone who’s seen him simply abuse the peloton on the way up Sestriere in ’96 will agree with me.

“nashbar jersey uncool” (google)
Whoa. You are totally wrong on that one. Nashbar is by far my favorite mail-order retailer, and a great alternative for anyone who’s had a falling out with the local shop. Sure, their jerseys aren’t the most stylish, but if you rock one, people will be like “damn, that dude is secure.” Trust me.

“road bike review Versailles lemond” (yahoo)
Have I ever used the word “Versailles” on this page? Obviously, this was a not a Google referral. Oh, and the bike is gonna be way laid back (unlike Lemond himself, who seems to be way agro these days).

“raphael palmiero steroids (MSN)
Dude, you searched with MSN? You deserved to land on this page.

“ritchey crankset” (dogpile)
That crank is so god-awful, coming here may have saved your life.

“cycling hour record” (yahoo)
Yeah, you’d have to get a search engine to find any news on the new hour record that was set this summer. The links I supplied no doubt referred him to what he was looking for. Chalk up another victory for the blogosphere and search engine optimization.

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