Pro Cycling News – Hour Record, Pippo Rips It

Aug 16 2005

Finally! Someone else has noticed that Boardman’s hour record has been smashed. And it only took a month. Still, you can count on the guys at Pez to pick up the overlooked-but-interesting. Some highlights of the report: Sosenka used 190mm custom cranks (just like Big Mig) and did not wear aerobooties (just like Eddy Merckx). Also, he’s won quite a few big races before; the reason you’ve never heard of him is because they were all East of the Elbe.

These days, Filippo Pozzatto just can’t stop the nasty. After a win at HEW, then a win the following week at Giro di Lazio, you think he’d maybe cool off a bit? Oh no. Today, he took at 30 man group sprint on the second stage of the Tour of Germany, after helping the group recapture an aggressive Jorg Jasche, who still managed second on the day. Overnight leader Bram Tankink lost only 1:44 to the leaders, and so retained his yellow jersey, while all the race favorites were tucked securely into ST behind the rampaging 23-year-old Italian from Quick-Step.

Speaking of Quick-Step, current Landbaucredit-Colnago rider Jurgen van der Waale and his mysterious intermolecular forces will be shipping off to that Belgian ProTour squad next season. Other contract news: Zaballa NOT to Illes Balears just yet, as apparently he’s still in negotiations with Saunier for this year, Piepoli still with Saunier, Jens Voight for two more years with CSC, Stuart O’Grady for two more years with Cofidis, and Xabier Zandio NOT to Discovery, but instead to two more years with Illes Balears.

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