The Good, the Bad, the Unlucky and Karsten Kroon -News

Aug 2 2005

So, how can you tell Cyclingnews is better than VeloNews? Well, just take a gander at these two articles on some new Campy stuff: the Cyclingnews article involves an actual reporter going up to Liberty Seguros’ head mechanic and asking him about some custom bits made just for Manolo’s boys. The VeloNews article, in addition to being largely about bland, mid-range parts (Compact Centaur crank? WHO CARES? God, it’s like opening a Playboy and finding the Sears Catalogue Lingerie insert), is little more than press release, garnished with an Interbike teaser.

Anyway, in real news, Dave Zabriskie has injured himself with a glass door this weekend. The American chrono-man simply put out his hand catch the door as it swung towards him. Seconds later he had deep lacerations and a damaged nerve. Though “Frisky” should be fine in time for TT Worlds this September, it seems he has inherited Tyler Hamilton’s penchant for bad luck while wearing a CSC uniform. So here’s a tip for Dave: if you find any bags of someone else’s blood, try not to inject yourself with them.

One last bit of transfer news: Karsten Kroon, who spoiled the Bastile Day festivities in 2002 with a stage win, will be leaving Rabobank next season. Kroon, taking a fork from Erik Zabel’s silverwear drawer, has declined to mention which teams are interested, though he claims to have several offers. The Dutchman cited lack of faith from the team leadership as a reason for his departure.

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