Bikes vs. The World: Round #1 – Campagnolo vs. Camp Anawana

Nov 6 2005

In what we at Cyclocosm hope to make a regular weekend feature (at least during the off-season), out expert team of analysts will take two similarly-named elements Cycling Culture and Popular Culture and send them into a head-to-head deathmatch from which only one will survive.

This week’s combatants are: Campagnolo and Camp Anawana. Let the games begin!

Category Bike Culture:
Pop Culture:
Camp Anawana
Basics: Italian component manufacturer Fictional summer camp from “Salute Your Shorts” Campy; they actually exist
Fan Base: Purists and bike snobs Nostalgic twenty-somethings Draw; both groups are equally repulsive
Longevity: 72 years and counting Two seasons (1991-2) Campy; no contest
Known For: Beautiful, long-lasting componentry Catchy theme song Campy; but closer this time
Hated For: Any parts group below Veloce Instructional Swim Anawana; instructional swim only sucks for an hour
Resident Badass: Piero Da Rin Bobby Budnick Anawana; I still have nightmares about Budnick
Impossible Dream: Electronic shifting Slip past Ug and enjoy a night on the town Draw; both are trivial, at best
Greatest Failure: Euclid MTB Group Romance between Donkeylips and Dina Campy; at least their failure was interesting
Evil Nemisis: Shimano Puberty Campy; even if their fight was easier, they survived
Lasting Contribution to Society: The quick-release skewer The “Awful Waffle” hazing ritual Campy; ask anyone who’s ever had a flat

So there you have it. The storied company from Vincenza proves its worth once again in an easy 6-2 victory over an imaginary summer camp from a short-lived children’s TV show. Let’s hope the folks over at campy realize that SRAM (and possibly FSA) will offer them better sport in the near future.

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