Bikes vs. The World: Round #2 – Gary Fisher vs. Bobby Fischer

Nov 14 2005

Ok, so perhaps last week’s contest between Campagnolo and Camp Anawana was a little esoteric. No big deal. Today’s battle between Gary Fisher and Bobby Fischer (yes, that link is his official page) should prove far more of a crowd pleaser.

Category Bike Culture:
Gary Fisher
Pop Culture:
Bobby Fischer
Claim to Fame: Mountain bike pioneer Greatest American chess player Draw; a solid start for both sides
Palmares: 12th, US Road Nats, 1974; 5th US ‘Cross Nats, 1977 8-time US Chess Champ, World Champ 1973-5 Bobby; by a fair margin
Went on to: Found mountain bike company Become recluse Gary; as noble as the career of recluse is…
Fighting the Man: Lost 3 years of competitive career for refusing to cut his hair Missed 3 years of chances to challenge for World Chess Title to protest collusion among Russians Draw; again, each is impressive
Outlandish Claims: That he invented everything even remotely associated with mountain biking, short of dirt That, in reference to the 9/11 attacks, the US “had it coming” Gary; the reasons are obvious
Delusions of Persecution: None apparent Believes in worldwide Jewish conspiracy focused solely on his destruction Gary; again, self-explanatory
Low Moment: Sold out to Trek in 1993 Temporarily incarcerated after being mistaken for a bank robber Bobby; no one handcuffed Gary and forced him to sell out
Misuse of Opposite Sex: Perhaps over-focused on the shapely figure and alluring smile of World Champ Paolo Pezzo to sell his bikes Attempted to marry Japanese woman to avoid extradition to the US in 2004 Gary; Pezzo was at least paid for her services
Bad Movies Inspired: None yet Just one Gary; though one bad flick could even the score
Lasting Contributions to Society: Mountain bikes (maybe), DH riding (maybe), 29″ wheels (maybe) rear suspension (maybe), etc. Fischer Random Chess and a new type of chess clock Bobby; it’s debatable that Gary invented any of the things he’s famous for.

So it’s a 5-3 victory in favor of Fisher (the one without the “c”). Just goes to show you that old adage about not letting your genius go to your head, and not becoming a reclusive, raging, anti-American anti-Semite, still rings true, even in the modern day. Prentending that you came up with every good idea you’ve ever seen doesn’t hurt, either.

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