Pro Cycling News – Sunday News Dump

Nov 14 2005

Ugh. No news all week, and then BAM – Giro presentation, reactions and like a bajillion interesting side-stories all on the day I have to get up at 5am to go volunteer at a cyclocross race. So yeah, top story: Giro 2006 has lots of hills and a split stage (they apparently need additional approval for that.) Jens Voight: unhappy. Alessandro Petacchi: unhappy. Jens, I guess I can excuse, becuase he is forced to represent the riders union but Petacchi? What, they didn’t gift wrap enough stages for you? And you expect to win Flanders? You are sooooo out of the club. Danilo DiLuca: happy. Damiano Cunego: happy, but who’s watching the baby? Other names being bandied about as favorites for the course include Jose Rujano and Gibo Simoni, though the latter was somewhat reserved about his chances.

Anyway, so Petacchi is a maybe for the ’06 Tour. So’s this guy. Why bring him up? Well, Richard Virenque is looking launching a new jewlery line. Dubbed “Virenque Design” (I would have gone with “Triqui Dique,” myself, but I suppose that’s why I don’t name jewlery lines), the crossover comes as little suprise to followers of the flamboyant Frenchmen. The unusual part? Virenque’s statement that “I’ve always wanted to do something in fashion.” Excuse me? What about the fashion of madman breakaways for the polka dots? Or of, well, you know, that other fashion you’re famous for?

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