Pro Cycling News – Threshold Sports' Woes and Other Tidbits

Nov 18 2005

It’s a slow newsday. But I will make up for it later, I promise. Anyway, the current financial woes of the GP San Francisco are no secret. But Threshold Sports’ President and CEO David Chauner says here that everything is fine. Threshold, who also recently lost the USPRO Championship event to upstart Tour de Georgia organizers Medalist Sports, and has yet to pay some ’05 prize money, was less than convincing in its explanation:

“Prize money checks are going out today…The fact that it’s later than normal is unfortunate, but…it’s normal.”

You’d think something that ridiculous would have to be wildly bereft of context. And yeah, I played around somewhat to make it sound silly, but (see link under “here” above) that’s basically what he said. I can’t really top that for a finale, but here is a cute picture of Tom Boonen (after his recent stomach surgery), and an article which really drives home English’s status as the international language:

“With a team of 15 Italians, 10 Germans and five riders from other nations, English will be the team language.”

Lingua Franca; a Latin term translating to “French Language” but referring to English.

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