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Dec 11 2005

Why not start with some results today, since I’ve been doing all this frothing at the mouth lately, yeah? Cyclocross Nations wrapped up today, with Katie “straight outta” Compton coming straight out of Colorado Springs to hand the Elite Women’s field it’s own backside on a platter. According the Live Report, this win was Compton’s first Elite Woman’s ‘cross race of the season, which is more than a little impressive, if not just a bit suspicious. Also, I’ll give a shout out to my former teammate Amy Wallace, who placed 9th; impressive considering she has a real job and everything. In the collegiate race (yesterday), which for some horrible reason only featured a Men’s race, Brent Bookwalter of Lees-McRae lapped all but 15 of the 50-some-odd competitors to take the win, before going on to snare 3rd in the u23 race later that same day. Not too shabby.

Outside of results, there’s not too much to report. There’s this amorphous blob of reports and press releases at Daily Peloton. Points of interest for me were a) the actor who played Sick Boy, the smack-addicted James Bond enthusiast, in Trainspotting (1996), will be taking on the role of frequently suicidal hour record holder Graeme Obree in an upcoming film; and b) some jerks are trying to build another velodrome in Pennsylvania. Apparently, they must think the record draw at ‘cross nats this year had nothing to do with the event being located less than an hour from three major Northeastern cities. But hey, I’m sure the ValleyDrome, with it’s heinously steep banking and incomprehensibly slow construction schedule, will eventually satiate the track cycling lust of bike-rabid New Englanders.

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