Pro Cycling News – The Holiday Spirit, Landaluze Positive?

Dec 21 2005

Hey, did you guys know it was the holiday season? No sh!t, man, I’m serious. It almost slipped by me this year because, being as into cycling as we all are, we never get bombarded with all those Christmas, Kwanza and holiday ads (I’ve yet to see a Hannukkah ad, strangely enough, though I may just be watching the wrong TV channels…). Anyway, I suppose it’s nice to not be buried with the soulless “buy-me” holiday ethos, but still, without mainstream ads, how will we know what to buy? Oh well, our confusion is just part of being in a fringe sport, I guess. At least we know what type of car to drive, and how to tighten a fµ¢&ing quick release and how to wear a helmet, and, oh yeah, not to blame evil, faceless corporations for our own failures as parents (and one last hug to the “journalists” at ABC News for using the term “tire” where they clearly meant “wheel”).

Returning to news related to pro cycling, it appears Euskatel’s Inigo Landaluze, a surprise winner at this year’s Dauphine Libere, has turned up a wee bit too much testosterone from a control in that race. Don’t know why this news was so long in coming, but the result is now that the Orangemen’s two ProTour wins from last season (the other being Tour de Suisse) have turned up positive dope tests. Landaluze, for his part, claims the problem isn’t drugs but his own two nuts, which have been cranking out too much testosterone since he was 16. This makes me wonder why he hadn’t told anyone about it between then and now, and seems a strange coincedence, as the second place finisher at Dauphine this year (Santiago Botero) has the same problem.

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