Lazy Day, Tour of California Begins Tomorrow

Feb 18 2006

What’d I miss? Actually, it turns out not that much. There was a Liberty Seguros team presentation, in which Vino celebrated joining his new team by wearing an entirely different uniform. I know he’s the Kazakh road champ and all, but personally, I feel it’d be better for team unity if he’d tone his kit down just a touch. But anyway, there’s more on Liberty Seguros over at Cycling Revealed; seems Manolo paid a visit to the East Coast this past fall. In terms of racing, I only missed a little stage race and the mini-classic Tour du Haut Var. I’d be super-pumped to gab about the Classic Haribo (it goes off tomorrow), sponsored by the famous maker of gummi candies, but no one seems to be talking much about it. I wonder why that could be?

Oh, yeah, the Tour of California. How could I forget, what with all these stories? And those are just the headlines from VeloNewshere’s three more. And then there’s gotta be like a billion links from other pages – I’ll just point you to the interview where Floyd Landis explains his unusual-looking TT position. Anyway, it all seems like a whole lot of fuss over a rinky-dink little tuning-up race, if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see excitment over ProTour-level racing in America, but I just wish it didn’t feel so freakin’ conjured. I was excited for this race when it was announced, but now I’m just kinda sick of hearing about it. And it hasn’t even begun yet. Alls I can say is, there had better be some good racing to back up all this hype.

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