While You Were Sleeping

Jun 30 2006

So, remember yesterday, when I pointed my finger at the CAS as something of a loose cannon, weilding unchecked power? Yeah…turns out I really wanted book ASO on that charge. Today, or last night (depends on where you live), they booted Jan Ullrich and some other people, then later put the sword to pretty much everyone else. Though I do feel better about some things, like my Valverde pick (and I guess also predicting this mess 11 months ago), I feel significantly less good because THE REIGN OF TERROR IS ON, BITCHES! SURRENDER YOUR WIFE AND CHILDREN TO THE ASO AND REPORT IMMEDIATELY TO THE VILLAGE DEPART FOR RE-EDUCATION! Seriously. They’re pulling people from the biggest race in the world based on unsubstantiated news coverage? Why can’t they show CAS, or the media, or freakin’ ANYONE (besides T-Mobile, in the first link on this page) the magical “documents” that justified booting these riders? Where is the oversight? The due process? The freedom of the press? The liberte, egalite and fraternite? Good luck watching le Tour this year, suckers; my guess is there isn’t going to be one. And remember, Jean-Marie is Watching You.

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