It was Landis, in the Alps, with the Testosterone

Jul 27 2006

That was the solution to the aforementioned Clue game, revealed by Phonak after days of speculation. Blogger’s been up and down all morning, so I’ve posted my scathing reaction over at Podium Cafe, where more than a few readers have posted their scathing reactions to me. Anyway, assuming, for gits and shiggles, that Floyd and the Operaction Puerto riders are all guilty; that’s positive team leader number five for Phonak (Camezind, Hamilton, Perez, Gutierrez and now Landis), and the third consecutive Grand Tour with a guilty winner (though, mercifully, the UCI appears to be following its own rules and not threatening to remove Basso’s Giro title).

Anyway, Floyd has apparently turned up a testosterone-to-epitesterone ratio of over the WADA-established limit of 4:1; a healthy human’s figure (men and women, I guess) is 1:1 (though there is apparently disagreement on that). The big controversies now, however, are that 1) Floyd tested positive on his big mountain adventure, when testosterone would have been of limited usefulness, and that 2) apparently, if you are injecting testosterone, you can just inject an equal amount of epitestosterone and be dandy (though I’m told that, in turn, can be tested for). Finally, according to the second link in this paragraph, a comparatively low epitestosterone level can also be a sign of HGH use.

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