Cycling Still Run by Morons

Mar 7 2007

Honestly, is there something in the water in Europe? Something that accumulates slowly over time, causing people to become more childish and dimwitted as they age? The UCI/Cartel beef has been settled for what, now; like, 24 hours, and already Grand Tour organizers are talking smack? “We’re not part of the ProTour…the license system is dead”? Honestly, it’s like watching a fat, spoiled child throw a tantrum after dosing up on Pixy Stix and then not getting his way.

And then there’s the ASO’s stance that violates French law. Please – that’s an excuse as obvious and nearly as ineffective as Patrice Clerc’s comb over. Even my slow-witted friends in Boulder were able to punch a few holes in it. Besides, raced with all over France last year with no legal issues.

And Lotto, man, what the hell is your problem? #1) I have it on good authority that you DO NOT have a monopoly on Belgian gambling – see any of these fine casinos for more details. #2) you never seemed to have a problem with So why the sudden concern? The new pink kit making you feel self-conscious?

Seriously, though, this seems like just another manifestation of cycling’s inability to deal with any of its problems in a constructive manner. Daily Peloton is dead on the money when it refers to Monday’s settlement as “a short term victory for common sense without solving any of the problems which had caused the impasse in the first place”.

Riffing on the theme, the UCI wil unveil a new anti-doping program today, called 100% Against Doping. No one knows that it entails yet, but the name certainly suggests it’s an improvement over the UCI’s previous system, which was only 60% again doping; 70%, tops.

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