Tour de France '07 – Quick.Step, Crash, Rule Stage 2

Jul 9 2007

So, show of hands – who here remembers KBK? Whether Steegmans got greedy, Boonen felt generous, or Quick.Step simply muffed the leadout, I can’t say. I haven’t even seen the finish yet (probably won’t for another eight hours), and Boonen’s post race comments seem to go both ways. What I can say for certain is that no one on the Q.S squad, or in the heaving, drunken mass of Belgian humanity that surrounded the finish line, seemed particularly displeased with today’s result.

Fortunately, wire service writers have the craft to weave disaster into just about anything. You’d think with like a million dudes piling up in the finale of today’s stage, writers wouldn’t feel the need to concoct their own drama. But I guess that’s why they’ve got that job, and I’m stuck in mine, no? Anyway, keep tabs on the injury updates here – I’d imagine we’ll have a handful of non-starters and non-finishers by this time tomorrow.

The UCI, meanwhile, sensing that masseurs and mechanics will be frightfully under worked in the wake of this massive pileup, has asked that team support staff add their names to the “I swear I’m not doping pledge”. It’s about time someone reigned in these wildly overpaid team employees, while rightfully leaving the sponsoring corporations, who reap millions in ad space off an “extra-terrestrial” performance, free from sanction.

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