Bottle Handoff Technique

Apr 25 2009

There was a great example in Fleche Wallonne this Wednesday of proper bottle handoff technique. As most of you probably know, it’s far more complicated than simply passing a bottle through a window. Why waste all that gasoline keeping the car moving forward when you could just as easily use it to accelerate your riders?

[right-click for iTunes-compatible download—Flash embed after the break]

  1. Observe DS extending bottle out the window
  2. Extend arm out, with thumb facing down
  3. Wait for DS to shove bottle into hand
  4. Upon contact, brace for acceleration
  5. Grasp bottle and push off against DS’s hand
  6. Place bottle in pocket/down shirt
  7. Return to step one

And of course, the DS moshes the gas and goes for broke on the last bottle.

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