2009 Tour de France – Stage 2 – How The Race Was Won

Jul 6 2009

Stage 2 of the 2009 Tour de France—in useful video analysis form! Some early-race crashes and good racing over the final kilometers. Watch the picture-perfect leadout by Columbia-Highroad HTC and hope they aren’t this effective for the next three weeks.

I had a fairly clear schedule yesterday, so I figured I’d put another one of these together from online feed footage. Not the highest quality, I’m afraid, and I had to crop the picture to fit widescreen, but all things considered, I think it came out OK.

[right-click for iTunes compatible download]

There’s a video podcast as well, in case you we’re unaware (direct link to iTunes). Doing what I did for the Giro and Romandie is too time consuming, but barring a copyright complaint, I should be able to get a single-stage feature done each weekend.

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