Stage 4 By The Numbers

Jul 7 2009


A tight, crash-heavy parcours, riders dropping off the pace left and right, a symbolic surge to the line by a snubbed favorite, and frantic, split-second calculations after the last team’s finish.

Stage 4’s Team Time Trial has delivered on what is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting TdF first weeks in recent memory—and a certain Twitterer promises more fun to come.

I can’t say much that hasn’t already been said about today’s stage, so I’ll just highlight a few figures that caught my eye:

Every Second Counts

<1 – Seconds by which Lance Armstrong missed retaking the Yellow Jersey
0 – Number of seconds separating Armstrong and Fabian Cancellara on GC.
0 – Number of bonus seconds available in tomorrow’s stage.

Pour le Maillot Jaune

14 – Number of days Cancellara will have in yellow after tomorrow, a new Swiss record
83 – Number of days Armstrong’s been in yellow in his career
10 – Number of years since Armstrong’s first day in yellow
10 – Longest spread, in years, between a rider’s first and last Tour wins (Gino Bartali, above)

Keeping Up With the Armstrongs

0:18 – Time lost to Astana, today’s stage winners, by second place Garmin-Slipstream.
5:21 – Time lost to Astana by last-placed Skil-Shimano.
11:37 – Amount of time a rider could have lost before being eliminated.
40.27 – Speed, in kph, needed to avoid elimination (just over 25mph).

The Bottom Line

$9.8 million – Official budget of Astana.
$33,750 – Minimum salary of a rider on Skil-Shimano.
$900,000 – Bank guarantees presented by BBox Bouygues Telecom, second-to-last in today’s stage, to guarantee a spot in the Tour de France.
$628,380 – Prize for the overall Tour de France win.

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