The Storm Before The, Uh…More Storm

Jul 9 2009

millarRainy, crappy weather. Makes it hard the day before the race’s first mountaintop finish, at least from a literary prospective.

And, of course, from the prospective of the 100 or so riders who either crashed, got crashed, or got stuck behind a crash coming into the line today. A mere 43 riders finishing on ST? On an “easy” sprint stage? This Tour is awesome.

And if you’re the sort who simply needs GC action for a stage to be good, play back the last kilometer, take a peek over the shoulders of those lead riders, and you’ll see plenty of familiar faces, battling to keep out of trouble, hold a wheel, or take advantage of a crash. It’s important to realize that no GC change doesn’t mean no GC action.

My heart goes out to David Millar, who made the tough moves all day. Still, at only 1:07 down, he had to know the odds of his getting away were long. I liked one of the aforementioned GC riders to make a move today, but it was Daniel Friebe who came up gold in the end, calling the stage for the Classics sprinters almost nailing the trifecta.

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