A Must-Read Interview With Michael Creed

Sep 21 2009

creedDomestic riders don’t come much better than Mike Creed. He’s been a pro for ten years, ridden for the biggest teams, scored some of the best wins, and man—does he ever know how to deliver an interview.

At Podium Insight this past Friday he unleashed an epic, covering topics as broad-ranging as the ever-unfolding disaster that is Rock Racing, the fickle and patronizing nature of cycling fans (especially on the Internet), and the future of public relations in sports. An excerpt:

Creed: I’m early break kryptonite.

Podium Insight: Everybody should just sit up, Creed’s here…

Creed: Yeah, they should just ‘Creed’s here, lets go back’. Or pay me off to go back to the pack by myself, they just carry twenty dollar bills in their pocket.

Podium Insight: Is that all it takes?

Creed: Yeah, I’m cheap man. You sign mid-year, you can’t get a big contract, you have to be willing to wheel and deal, you have to be willing to cut down a little on your price.

It’s time-consuming and a little tricky to read at points, but well worth the effort, both in terms of entertainment value, and insight into the business side of making things work as professional cyclist.

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