CrossVegas: International Race of Mystery

Sep 24 2009

As many of you know, I’m not at Interbike this week. Thus, I didn’t get to see CrossVegas last night, and am forced to piece the racecourse together from Velonews’ race report. Keep in mind, all these passages are from the same article:

“…under the lights at a soccer complex on the outskirts of the city…”

So flat, fast, non-technical?

“Nash crashed in a tight left-hander on the second lap…”

So flat, fast, but with technical sections?

“…Compton made the slow-riding, sometimes lumpy grass surface look positively fast…”

Uh, so slow, and lumpy, with some technical sections?

“From there it was road tactics on the course famous with riders for its heavy slow grass. Riders say the course is punishing to anyone taking a hard pull at the front, but favors the drafters.”

OK—slow, lumpy, non-technical, but headwind slow, not mud slow, so there’s tactics? I mean, I guess that kinda makes sense. I think I can work with this.

“But rather than risk an attack through any of the difficult turns or technical sections, he waited until the pair got through a tight double hairpin with about 450 meters to go, then pulled away.”

Wait, what? I thought it wasn’t technical. I mean, double hairpin at 450 meters sounds kinda technical. And I thought it was supposed to be hard to get away—that sounded easy.

“…said before the race that he doesn’t like the non-technical Vegas course because it doesn’t suit his abilities”

…and we’re back at flat, fast, non-technical.

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