Don't Snort at Media Standards

Oct 27 2009

holland_sportWhat is this show “Holland Sport”, on which cyclists say things to the world? It does not seem like it sets a reasonable standard for investigative reporting.

(you should probably read the comments before proceeding)

First it was Thomas Dekker, talking about how EPO didn’t help and how he only took it once. Now it’s Tom Boonen, talking about how he can’t ever remember taking cocaine. Fact is, Tommeke may just be the first case of “second-hand coke” in recorded history. Wonder how long it’s going to take to get that on his Wikipedia page.

That’s hard-hitting journalism, folks. So rather than meeting with my boss and her manager for my review this year, I think I’m just going to go over my day-job performance on Holland Sport. I’d almost certainly get a raise—maybe even a promotion. Bet I wouldn’t even need to speak Dutch.

However, outside of fawning (see comments>comments) sports shows, that lack of language agility can be a barrier. Once upon a time, I used to make an effort to keep up with rider transfers, but being monolingual makes it too hard—all that searching and auto-translating and separating fact from rumor.

Fortunately, Cyclingnews has done its best to keep on top of things—and they even made it into a Geocities-closing memorial by laying out list after list on a mile-long HTML page! Just like 1998! Awesome!

And lest any of you accuse me of calling the kettle black, I’m currently doing as much as I can to bump online cycling resources into the 21th century—to 2005, at least.

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