Ted King In "The Bodyguard"

Oct 6 2009

An aging champion struggles to regain his form. A brash rookie refuses to conform to the ways of the peloton. Together, they can overcome the forces arrayed against them—but only if they first conquer the demons within. The Bodyguard is the timeless tale of a bond forged between two men in the quest for victory in professional cycling.

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My homage to The Empire Brokeback, made entirely of footage from Cervelo’s excellent Beyond The Peloton documentary series. The not-exactly-memorable trailer to The Bodyguard (1992) is here for comparison.

I had planned to hold onto this and set up a World Premiere during Ted’s big appearance in Boston next week, but I realized the video quality might not hold up at higher resolution. Tagged as HTRWW so it would appear in the podcast.

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