"Who Was The Captain Of The Peloton?"

Jan 7 2010

Remember way back in May, when the Giro super-criterium in Milan was neutralized? Well, here’s Lance Armstrong’s take:

(from this long feature at NOS, via RoadID, RT’d by Versus producer @joelfelicio)

Check out Armstrong’s reactions: forcing Mart Smeets to come out and declare him the Captain of the Peloton, rather than saying it himself. Casting the other heads of state as bickering “little bosses”, and even painting race officials as ineffectually timid. One senses the implication that, without Armstrong, the pro peloton would still be squabbling on the cobblestones of Milan’s old city.

It is especially interesting to watch this interview contrasted with a video Armstrong made just the day after the protest. The facts are by and large the same, but the difference in tone—especially in regard to the rest of the peloton—is undeniable. Lance (or the NOS editors) also fail to mention the dangerous finishes preceding the Milan stage, which played a significant role in motivating the protest.

I’m not taking a swipe at Armstrong with this post. I may be teasing a bit, but the fact remains that the privilege of writing the history goes to the side that wins the war. And Armstrong’s won that war—seven times. Just consider this an insight into the sort of driven, maybe not-so-fact-oriented mindset that it takes to battle your way to the top of the world’s toughest race for seven consecutive years.

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